Maintenance Options For Home Upholstery

Nowadays there are a variety of materials and fabrics used for home upholstery. While these bring on a different look, texture and finish to your home furnishings and furniture, you might land in a dilemma when you need to maintain them and keep them clean. Here are some tips on how to keep different materials looking good even after washes or the different ways to clean them.

Diverse upholstery materials

While thick linen or cotton blends are used on sofas and chair covers as well as tapestry, when it comes to items like rugs, throws and covers there is a variety of materials used. These could range from leather, vinyl, micro suede to soft chenille. While they might be wondrous on bed linen or cushions as well as look great on rugs and throws, you might wonder whether the same cold water and detergent solution is applied to all of them. 

Home wash remedies

In most cases, no matter what kind of fabric you have, a cold water and detergent solution will work fine in getting the dirt off. However, in case of large upholstery fabric or tapestry, you might land in a dilemma. Many washing machines have separate wash cycles that do gentle rounds. If you have luxury cushion with the cushions themselves stated to be washable, you could put them for gentle spin cycles as well. However, for small cushions and covers, using a tepid water and detergent solution will be fine as long as you can place the items to dry under the strong sunlight.

Alternatives methods to clean the upholstery

Dry cleaning is an option, albeit an expensive one, but one that needs to be incurred once a year. This helps to manage your heavy upholstery and tapestry fabrics. For items like rugs and throws, you can opt to use your vacuum cleaner to dry clean such items. This also becomes handy when you have sofas and other heavy upholstery that might be stitched onto furniture. In such cases, dry cleaning these items or using soap and a brush to occasionally wash off stains would be the only options. At the time you purchased new cushions, covers, rugs and other upholstery or furnishings, look for product care and wash instructions. As new blends are being introduced in the area of home furnishings every day, you will want to understand the nature of the materials and how they need to be cared for. When you have the right guidance, caring for such items will ensure that they retain their form, color and remain free of dirt and stains for a long time.